3 x ultra rare matched vintage NOS Russian military Germanium transistors

Internal Bias trim pot

Internal Body DIP switch

Nichicon gold & green series caps

Lumberg connectors

True bypass

Battery or DC powered (5 mA)

germanium preamp / od / fuzz

House Of Blues

The sound of a Dumble as I hear it in my head on legendary recordings made with this great amp.

Limited Run of 50 units!




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DC Power Supply

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True Bypass On/Off Switch Treble Booster Side

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True Bypass On/Off Switch Fuzz Side

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The sound of a Dumble as I hear it in my head on legendary recordings made with this great amp.

SRV, John Mayer, KWS, Eric Johnson. Legendary blues guitarists with legendary guitar sound that have in fact something in common. The determinative key to their sound is the character of the Dumble amps. It has been rolling around in my head for such a long time how this guitar sound could be built into a small box. This is what inspired the creation of the House Of Blues pedal. When I’ve started on the development, one of my goals was to make something unique and special, something to bounce off from the established pattern. I wanted to use germanium transistors. Luckily, I found the most perfect circuits and components for this purpose, and it was finally born from a special alignment of two vintage classics, the iconic “glassy,” cleanup, yet filthy Dumble sound. The sound of a Dumble as I hear it in my head on legendary recordings made with this great amp.

A box that incorporates two separate full Germanium based circuits. The signal chain is Rangemaster into a Fuzz Face that combined together basically can give you the perfect Dumble sound with lots of tweaking options.

A planned Limited Run of 50 units made with hand selected NOS transistors. The production of the transistors used in this pedal stopped decades ago. Specially matched together to cover the sounds of this legendary amp.

You can use the HOB as a preamp, booster, overdrive and fuzz, but especially in the low distortion ranges. This is a character pedal that I have tuned specifically for single coil pickup guitars, a must-have solution for a true connoisseur blues guitarist.

About The Circuit

The Left side marked with Blue light

Circuit based on the Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face built around two extremely rare low gain NOS Russian military Germanium transistors. Extended with special controls for the adventure in the overdriven dirty Dumble flavors.

The Right side marked with Green light

Modified classic Dallas Rangemaster treble booster circuit built around an ultra rare vintage NOS Russian military Germanium transistor. Two additional control knobs described in the following and a two way internal micro switch that sets how much bass leaves the output, giving you the possibility to fine tune the circuit with the Fuzz Face in the left side or the next pedal in the signal chain.


The Volume control for the Fuzz Face side. Due to the carefully selected transistors and the internal bias option, it will be louder than a standard FF circuit.


This is the Gain and the Volume in the same knob, just like in the original one knob table top version.


From clean Germanium preamp sound to full on tube like overdrive, it’s everything there to be set with this knob. Use it wisely! You can turn the pedal with it into a weapon of sound destruction.


Allows you to simply dial through from the tones of the original Rangemaster on the left, to the full on bass fuzzy boost to the right, with a nicely centered mid boost right in the middle.


At fully anti-clockwise the Bass is minimum, to avoid the flabbiness in the sound. Tight overdrive or distortion depending on the gain setting. Gradually add more Bass when turned clockwise. With both effects On, also acts as a secondary Gain control for the Dumble preamp sounds. Among other things, this is the secret weapon of the HOB pedal.


Reverse treble cut with more highs when dialed clockwise. Useful addition not only to fine tune the treble content of the boost side, but to dial out the inherent noise of the Germanium circuits when both sides are active.

Internal Bias Trim Pot

With this internal knob, you can turn the cleandrive character of the FF ide into the characteristic fuzzy filth you can hear on the records of your favorite blues guitarists. Feel free to experiment with it!

Internal Body DIP Switch

Sets the bass content of the output of the boost side. With both circuits engaged it takes you through the sounds of the secret Dumble versions.


Please power the pedal with a proper 9VDC standard negative center, 5.5×2.1 plug power adapter, or 9V battery. DC voltage of more than 9V, or AC voltage will damage the circuit. Please be aware of this, as a faulty usage will void warranty.

This item is sold As-Described and cannot be returned unless it arrives in a condition different from how it was described or photographed. The item must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging.