High-end audio transformer

JFET input stage

Class AB driver

DC 48V phantom powered

Neutrik XLR & Jack connectors

Choose your own color combo

Pro Direct Box

The Di

Phantom powered active transformer Direct Box for electro acoustic & electric instruments.



If you’re looking for the purdiest boat between the shores of transparency and character, this one is for you.

One day, the picky guys fell down the rabbit hole and took a deep dive into their DI needs in terms of live and studio uses. They wanted to „get it right at the source”, but that „right” always depends on the context. The DI spectrum starts from clean, transparent, linear and it ends at the dirty, coloured, non-linear. They had to find a tasty blend of both worlds, because their already existing DI’s were always close to the edges of the spectrum.

Do you like the dry, plastic, DI sound with a too clean DI?

Do you like to ruin your instruments original sound with a too dirty DI?

If there’s one NO or two NOs, then who knows what to reach for?

Now, we know it.

Please welcome:

The Di

This is the device that is usable with any instrument, and as funny as it may sound, you can use it or not. Thanks to the true parallel signal chain, you can always leave it on your pedalboard, and it will not affect the signal to your amp on any way. You don’t need to disconnect it when due to the circumstances, a DI out is not needed during your gig.

The input of The DI is a JFET circuit followed by a Class AB second stage. This combined circuit drives the output transformer, giving that spicy character to the sound that is missed in most modern devices.

This one won’t sound blend, actually the best description of how it sounds, it would be that it has personality. A warm tone sculpting character that you will fall in love with it.

Ok, ok, now I see you are already dreaming about how awesome your sound will be on the next gig.

The Di


PSSSTTT, HEY! WAKE UP! What if I tell you that you can have this box in any color combination you might think about, from the classic RAL color chart system. Think about a color scheme, check if it has a code on the RAL chart, and let me know about it. The internal components will be the same, but this way I will give you the possibility to have your personally customized DI box.