Made on a kitchen table in Hungary, landed on the pedalboard of Paul McCartney.

The birth story of an Analog Delay circuit and it's adventure to a top level studio.

100% analog delay / echo

Time Trap

I am honored to introduce you to this wonderful little jewelry box. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed it since I first started to develop it. A lot of time has passed and a lot of changes since then, but I think in this pedal, I managed to achieve the imperfectly perfect pure Analog Delay sound.

350 €



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DC Power Supply

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True Bypass On/Off Switch

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100% Handmade in Hungary

100% Analog

Classic, vintage, warm analog delay sound

Delay times ranging from 30 to 300 ms

Highest quality components

Hand selected MN3005 BBD chip

Hand selected NOS MN3101 BBD driver chip

A special vintage Opamp

Hand selected NOS transistors

High quality JB mylar polyester film capacitors

High quality, vintage Lelon/Rubycon/Nichicon electrolytic capacitors

Alpha potentiometers

Premium Lumberg connectors

True bypass

9V Battery or DC 9V power supply (20 mA)

Every guitarist needs a good Analog Delay!

I designed and built the V1 version of the circuit in 2016 for the legendary German guitar company Höfner Guitars. This pedal was named Time And Again (Analog Delay / Echo). It was a limited edition, with a total of less than 50 pieces made from it. It was an exciting challenge for me to create this pedal, as I wanted to achieve the best, most authentic, vintage, pure (analog) analog delay sound possible without compromise. What you need to know about BBD-based delay circuits is that it is a very complex and intricate system in which you need to sort, pair, and coordinate the components responsible for the sound. The long and persistent work not only brought its fruit, but it brought me the greatest and most valuable achievement for me, the professional recognition I have never dared to dream of. My pedal has landed on the pedal board of my greatest role model and inspiration – Paul McCartney – and has been a prominent tool on it ever since. It’s the honor and a huge pleasure for me that with my work and art, if only a little, but I can contribute to the sound of records like Egypt Station and McCartney lll.

In 2020, the idea has popped out of my head that it would be a shame to lose such a well-done pedal, so I decided to rethink the circuit as Version 2. This is how Time Trap was born. Like its predecessor, I thought only and exclusively of uncompromising solutions, so I think it will be worthwhile to continue Time And Again but now, with a more improved version, with new solutions applied perfecting it into a next product.

The wonderful graphics decorating the Time Trap pedal are also the work of Eszter Budavári, as is the Höfner Time And Again graphics. I love both masterpieces!

About The Circuit

All of my pedals are strictly handmade one by one and I meticulously test each one of them. I will not release them to you, unless I am 110% satisfied that it has that truly authentic sound that I am searching for. I am a musician. To make it sounds good to you, I first make sure it sounds good to me as it would be my one and only personal pedal.

This pedal is designed to give you the genuine classic, vintage, warm analog delay sound that cannot be simulated with a digital circuit. It is alive! That is the difference between simulation and the physical capabilities of the true components that handle the electrons delivering your sound.

And to give the living body a soul, Time Trap uses a “bucket-brigade device” (BBD) the legendary and very rare by now MN3005 chip. A full analog circuit is creating the delay effect, not affecting your instruments tone, giving the freedom to the notes you are playing to keep their personality.

Three simple controls Echo, Feedback and Blend so you can familiarize in a few seconds with it. You can control the delay times from 30 to 300 milliseconds, from doubling to quick slap back to long repeating echo.


Please power the pedal with a proper 9VDC standard negative center, 5.5×2.1 plug power adapter, or 9V battery. DC voltage of more than 9V, or AC voltage will damage the circuit. Please be aware of this, as a faulty usage will void warranty.

Please do not turn the internal trimmers from it's provided settings! These are calibrated by me for the circuits optimal functioning and it will void warranty if modified.

This item is sold As-Described and cannot be returned unless it arrives in a condition different from how it was described or photographed. The item must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging.