Made in Japan "mojo" OPAMPs

NOS "mojo" diodes

Internal CLIPPING DIP switch

Internal BASS DIP switch

Nichicon gold & green series caps

Lumberg & Neutrik connectors

True bypass

Battery or DC powered (10 mA)

Dual Boutique Overdrive

Toxic Twins

If you would be exiled to a deserted island and you would have to choose to take only one overdrive pedal with you, I am telling you, that most probably it would be the Toxic Twins. Mark my words!

275 €



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DC Power Supply

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True Bypass On/Off Switch Green Side

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True Bypass On/Off Switch White Side

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Imagine yourself in front of a stage in a smoky rock club. Strange looking fellas with their clothing like a combination of a pirate and a 18th century decayed nobleman, and a dude that looks like a lady are performing. The sound now comes from an old beat up tube amp distorting the guitar’s natural sound with sweet pleasant harmonics, slightly giving you the impression that the amp is about to blow up. But, that’s not enough. When the guitar solo time comes, our virtuoso steps on a boost pedal to push the boundaries of the amp even further into a beautiful sagging-clipping guitar tone madness. This is the sound signature I intended to capture in this box.

About The Circuit

The Toxic Twins is a rock sound oriented dual overdrive machine. A natural organic sound from low gain to full on distortion when both sides are combined.
Easily adjustable familiar controls that turn this simple box into a highly versatile tool with amazingly harmonically rich tone.
Some overdrive pedals do not sound the same at bedroom level as on a big stage. Well, that’s not the case here! Toxic Twins is faithfully recreating the same sound, wherever and in whatever it is plugged in. Just noodling at home with your well known gear or playing at a gig where you are not sure what rig you will end up with, your core tone from this pedal will be the same. This box is what you might call your one and only desert island pedal.
The diodes used in this circuit are a combination of uncommon NOS diodes like the 1N456 used previously in pedals in 1969 well before the opamp overdrive circuits kicked off. 1N4151 that I discovered during the creation of my Dirty Little Thing circuit, trying out endless diode clipping combinations.

The Left side marked with White light

Modified Bluesbreaker circuit with it’s tube-like saturation that simulates a breaking up tube amp warmth, dynamics and headroom.
A light low gain organic overdrive with a balanced equalisation, like it is a part of your amp. Blends in so well that you are only missing it when you turn it off.

The Right side marked with Green light

A boutique overdrive that gives you the dynamic crunch sound with the classic mid hump. That immediate instinctive attack needed when you step in front, perfect for boosting solos.
Smoky smooth clipping that makes that pleasant sustain almost like the amp is feedbacking.

Internal Clipping DIP Switch

Engages the clipping diodes with the following possibilities:
1 OFF – 2 OFF: Clean boost with no clipping diodes engaged it has the most headroom perfect for pushing an amp on the verge of breakup.
1 ON – 2 OFF: Soft clipping smooth overdrive sound with the well known clipping character that leaves the strings’ true sound shine through.
1 OFF – 2 ON: Hard clipping has tad more raw compression with tube amp like response and great touch sensibility.
1 ON – 2 ON: Both Soft and Hard engaged together for the max distorted signal.

Internal Bass DIP Switch

Two extended voicing capabilities for boosting the bass. You can fine tune the bass content of the circuit with the instrument you are using:
1 OFF – 2 OFF: The less amount off bass, preferred to give a little cut through for humbucker pickups.
1 ON – 2 OFF: Fatten up the tone of humbuckers.
1 OFF – 2 ON: Fatten up the tone of single coils.
1 ON – 2 ON: Maximum fatness.


Please power the pedal with a proper 9VDC standard negative center, 5.5×2.1 plug power adapter, or 9V battery. DC voltage of more than 9V, or AC voltage will damage the circuit. Please be aware of this, as a faulty usage will void warranty.

This item is sold As-Described and cannot be returned unless it arrives in a condition different from how it was described or photographed. The item must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging.